Giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday MissionĀ 

Between April 2022 and April 2023, GYNCA grew 141% in terms of the number of women coming to us for assistance. Within a few months, we grew another 50%.

At the same time, GYNCA has committed to providing more and being more generous with our Emergency Non-Medical Financial Assistance.

Not a single qualifying woman has been denied assistance.

Giving Tuesday funds for 2023 will help us continue to freely give funds to women who need us to help them cover unexpected expenses that arise during their cancer treatment.
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Kiesha   housing assistance
When cancer leaves you unable to work, how do you pay your bills? GYNCA understands these struggles and works to ensure no member loses their home, so they can focus on getting healthy!
Sarah   fixed truck
Transportation is vital to making sure our women can get to life-saving treatments. GYNCA was able to fix the truck, and no appointments had to be missed or rescheduled!
Rachel   busted pipes
Weather is something few people plan for, so what makes cancer patients any different? When bad weather hits, GYNCA is here to help!