Board of Directors & Staff

The dedicated Staff and Board professionals of GYNCA, as well as our countless volunteers, make it possible for services to be provided to women across 30+ counties in Southwest Missouri.


Jan Robbins
Executive Director

Liz Thrasher
Community Development Director

Ryanne Prugger
Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors/Officers
January 1, 2023-December 31, 2023

Elizabeth "Missy" Forgey

Vice President:
Judy Thompson

Evelyn Gwin-Mangan

Hannah Husgen, CPA

Joe Bonebrake
Stevia Bonebrake
Amy Carr
Nancy Cathey
Laura Dannegger
Charity Fitzgerald
Martha Gaska
Carolyn Gerdes
Ann Grace
David Hernandez
Matt Heydt
Becky Hogan
Randy Laferriere
Sandra Lowther
Diane Meldi
Susan Mihalevich
Joe Wegand

Ex-Officio Board
Dr. Al Bonebrake
Dr. Jessica Gillen
Dr. Molly Greenwade
Dr. Marcia Hernandez
David Lamberson

“As a mid-thirty something, I had a routine annual check-up that found pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. I was surprised and shocked when the doctor told me it wasn't 'if' I needed a hysterotomy it was 'when'. That 'when' came several short months after that diagnosis. I serve on the board to bring awareness and hope for women dealing with gyn cancer. You are not alone and have an army of women that have your back.”

– Diana Tyndall, Board of Directors