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Dear Friends of GYNCA,

When Joy Lamberson-Klock received the news in June 2000 that she had ovarian cancer, she was confronted with the reality that Springfield and its surrounding area lacked resources specific to gynecologic cancer patients’ needs. With the help of her oncologists, she was able to make connections with several area women who were also battling a GYN cancer diagnosis and who shared a similar need for a community that truly understood their unique fight. Together, these women brought comfort, hope, and support to one another while continuously adding to their monthly numbers. From a table at Village Inn where they passed the hat to collect gas money for a patient in need, GYNCA (formerly New Hope) was born.

Fast forward to November 2023, and GYNCA now serves 260+ patients a MONTH, a rise of 147% since 2022. Hardly a week goes by that we don’t ask ourselves “What would Joy do?” GYN Cancers Alliance is living proof that one person truly can make a positive impact on the lives of many. We also know that no man is an island, and when many ‘ones’ come together the impact can be truly astounding.

GYNCA is always humbled by each end of year gift that represents a person, family or business that has chosen to put their support behind us for the coming year, never failing to allow us to lend even more support than the year before. We invite you to be part of GYNCA’s Circle of Joy, where YOU can honor the memory of Joy Lamberson-Klock as we continue to grow and expand her vision of bringing new hope to southwest Missouri women battling gynecologic cancer.


GYNCA Board of Directors, Staff and Women who benefit directly from your generous annual support!